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Built in 1900 by the Richmond Locomotive Works, 769 is one of only a handful of non-Baldwin-built Santa Fe steamers still in existence. It began life as Santa Fe Pacific Railroad #266, the first of a group of 20 2-8-0's built for this A.T.&S.F. subsidiary (the SFP was formed to operate the former Atlantic & Pacific Railroad when the Santa Fe took possession of the latter in 1897). In 1902, the locomotive became A.T.&S.F. 3045, and some time later was renumbered to 769. The engine traded tenders at least once in its career, ending up with the tank from Santa Fe 4-6-2 #1227, which was scrapped in 1936.

While several members of the 769-class were cut down to lowly 0-8-0's in the Santa Fe's shops in the 1930's, class locomotive 769 suffered the possibly greater indignity of being sold off to the Albuquerque & Los Cerrillos Coal Company in 1950. Along with 2-8-0's 870 and 874, 769 was sent to work at the coal mine at Madrid, NM, located at the end of a branch extending south from the Santa Fe main at Waldo. The 769 was never renumbered nor relettered by the coal company, and spent its post-Santa Fe career in full A.T.&S.F. markings.


When the mine shut down amid a declining coal market in 1959, Madrid became a ghost town. Locomotives 769 and 870 were abandoned on-site and left to rust. The 769 was mysteriously parked just outside the old 1-stall enginehouse, which could have afforded it some protection from the elements, and it welcomes visitors to the Madrid Old Coal Town Museum to this day !

Visitors to the Mine Shaft Tavern enjoy viewing it while sitting outside.

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Joe Huber Steam Locomotive Interview 1986

Richmond Steam Engine 769

Engine 769
Train Richard Husler 1948.jpg
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"Ghost Town Years 1959"

Madrid  New Mexico 


"Backdrop in  Engine House Theater" Madrid  New Mexico 


Clay Walker Music Video " Jesse James"  Shot on the 769 Engine & inside the Engine House Theatre

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